What Is Magic?

Magic of Latin magic , the magic art , derived in turn from Greek μαγεία (mageia and magikee) , the same meaning in Spanish, probably of ancient Persian magush , containing the root -magh : “able”, “have power “referring to the ancient Persian priestly caste. 2 of Sanskrit maga (illusion) , the root may (act, move) .

While “magic” has lots of meanings to different people, for our purposes here at Magic.about.com, “magic” refers to the art of illusion or the process of making something appear to be happening that actually isn’t.

The Magic Of Boresi Fencing

Boresi offers you a wide range of magical fencing products:


At our factory, Balustrading is a specialty. With the large variety of Powdercoating colours and designs including many options of classy inlays and friezes, you are sure to find or design a style to suit.

Stair Rails:

Why choose timber when you can have a beautiful hand crafted stair rail in many finishes and styles.

Front Fences:

We have been making front fences for 20 years, so you can rely on us to provide the best in design and service.


We are very experienced in designing custom made unique gates to gift that lift to your property.
Try us or submit your own design for an obligation free quote.

Pool Fencing:

Our experience is second to none in the manufacture and installation of glass and non glass pool fences 
30 years in the business ensures that we are up to date with all safety and council requirements.


Exclusive and unobtrusive, the elegance of glass goes a long way towards creating that special look.


There is nothing like a beautiful garden fence to finish off a front yard, we can create that special design and colour for that perfect match in your garden environment.

Privacy and Louvres:

Its your privacy, so why not have us make something that not only partitions some space but looks good as well.

Stainless Steel:

The look of raw stainless steel, the longevity, its all about quality and design and we can do this for you.

Boresi began in 1986 by two brothers Sam & Ben.

25 years on, Boresi has over 30 staff, including the brother’s children & has successfully maintained Sam & Ben’s perception and business culture, whilst managing necessary change to modernize the business key operations.