Context Of Magic

Conversely to Theology , Philosophy and the sciences dealing and importing Orthodox on the causes, magic, and define themselves for self treating focuses on the manifestation of the alleged accuracy maravillante some effects and not necessarily required to find causes. Knowing the causes or that the effect is not extinguished wonderful magic and magical thinking migrates to other types of thought, (the alleged ‘magical effects’ derives the metonymy historical with medicine and pharmacology ) .

Through the acceptance of the existence of magic, implicitly accepted this as the abstract cause or seudoabstracta magical effect , as a principle or primary truth from which develops seudológica paraphernalia. Since ancient times, it aims to uncover, to know and use what presumably would be hidden to the senses Cognition ) , hidden in the classical sense perception, logic, reason and judgment . These are at least three essential elements to the generic magic:

  • An “effect” is perceived as “wonderful” whose cause is unknown and “inexplicable” at that time.
  • The magic does not seek axioms imperatives, a quintessential of magic is the topic of “object that appears out of nowhere” or by magic, the magic is the cause itself.
  • Among his earliest functional attributes and characteristics ( archetype ) would be the power of divination , that should not be conceptualized along with the prophecy .

Magic, in its most archaic, is dissident ‘s axiom rational to argue that the universe would be governed exclusively by the ” laws of nature or materials “known or unknown and inhabited only by matter. This archaic magic, with a criterion duality inherent spirit-matter , gave rise to magical thinking and in the environment of early civilizations, two evolutionary classifications of magic, historialmente called ” natural magic “and” unnatural magic or occult philosophies ».

edit ]Magic natural and unnatural magic or occult philosophies

At some point in the history of mankind, these two conceptualisms of magic began to diverge. The playwright Lope de Vega , in his book Shepherds of Bethlehem , devoted a few paragraphs to describe literary differences of these concepts in the culture of his time:

” (…) the natural magic not understand, that is one in which you view the infernal spirits, with such infamous names as have given in the divine and human letters (…) The evil are those that use blood, victims and dead bodies, as the Oracle, which truxo Saul Samuel’s body, so that he shall say. Truth is, that since the name of Magi, is introduced by which exercitan what I say, how astrology abuse has come to be reviled, being the same as in astronomy: and if some say that Pythagoras , Empedocles , Democritus and Plato were called Magi, in the manner ofZamolxis and Zoroaster , the son of Oromasco. (…) “

Natural Magic: were defined as ” natural magic “all observable natural phenomena which intervene or were present but were inexplicable matter. This was considered and developed the astrologyof the Persians , whose architects were called ” the magic or magicians ‘, it became in astronomy . Even in the seventeenth century the famous German physicist educator and Gaspar Schott(Jesuit) titled their physics texts (which he elaborated and then taught his students) “magic acoustic and optical magic” (written in Latin) , a clear reference to memory of archaic etymological meaning of ” natural magic “reserved Latin phrase to refer to physical phenomenology still scientifically unexplainable at the time, as light and sound.

Unnatural magic, occult philosophies or theologies: In short, a generic definition would be “the idea of establishing a contact in relation to any supernatural spiritual entity or mechanism . “Contacts of relationship, such as the invocation, evocation, divination, numerology or cabals, among many others. Another archaic subjective rating and establish the institutions and mechanisms supernatural.

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edit ]Etiologies of magic

Magical Thinking: The magic is formed, as the first etiology , in the matrix of Magical Thinking by which boasts the ability to perceive and perform physical or mental disorders of all kinds, at will or not, are not always subject to the laws nature .

Material and spiritual entities: The lightning , the fire , the sun , the darkness , stars , earthquakes , spirits or souls that inhabit the air , the water , forests , caves , the firmament , specific places of the earth, etc.. currently supposed that during prehistory , for interaction with the ” magic of nature “and the” magic or occult philosophies “would have served the ‘ magic ‘of methodical procedures, on ritual occasions where they would use words and tools specific dedicated or reserved sometimes consecrated to the intervention or mediation of material and spiritual entitiessupernatural of any kind and are a second etiology .