A descriptive example of psychology, philosophy and rituals of Magic

Magic is a set of rituals whose aim is to control the attributes of the universal spirit , supernatural entities. The knowledge of magic enables direct communication ( evocation ) or indirect ( invocation ) with one or more deities or forces that have powers over natural law. The spirits summoned during the ritual are required to comply with the requests of the magician, as long as they understand their name or their attributes, or, equivalently, the strokes are represented that describe them. The lines in this case equivalent to pronouncing their names, pronounce his name or ‘write’ are one and the same thing and therefore have the same effect.

Used in various rituals magic that can be classified in different ways, but the most appropriate to undertake their explanation is that between the rituals by the exposure method, passing then to differentiate the rituals of invocation and evocation.

The evocation

Evocation is hearing an appeal by the entity named. And where the magician calls directly to the entity fulfilling their desires (within the ‘legitimacy’ of the ritual), either by threats or entreaties. The first goal of a magician when performing the evocation is trying to get the entity to reveal their attributes (powers) and their traces (marks), as well in the future can achieve the same purpose using only the invocation. The recall involves many risks and that by the entity may be other spirits who have been summoned by the magician, or even appear before the entity (or sent by it) and to convince the wizard who is the agency claimed. So, the magician should start any evocation tracing the magical pentagram , which will protect and not to leave until the entity has been dismissed. You should also be cautious in their dealings with the entity, as always tend to deceive the magician or access their applications under a covenant, error frequently incurred beginners.

During the evocation the magician demands precise description to achieve its goals, since the objective is rarely asked at the time, but chasing the idea of ​​repeating at will and at the precise moment that the magician requires, could carry out their plans. All procedmiento required, will result in a future representing the invocation.

The invocation

The invocation is a request for compliance, there is no appearance of any entity, and formally resembles the formula set forth in religions prayers , with the difference that if the ritual is properly formulated, is expected to effectively meets. The invocation is exhibited through amulets , and talismans . As explained above, once the magician has got a description of the entity required to achieve its objectives, the magician says goodbye to the entity and will get to work on the development of the talisman, once developed, a ritual simple (this is the invocation) stimulates copper talisman to the effect that the recorded signs and formulas described in the talisman. in this case the prayers and ritual are formulations where the magician shows, extols the entity, and reminds him of his duty requires him to give the desired effect talisman that has been built following the indications described entity.

Media Contact

Rituals, often have two sides to the magician and contact the bank, and often both at the same time remain, a shed is the pronunciation out loud, the other are recorded.

When the magician uses the word it must be correct, but, as in any other language, you can tell one thing rather than desired, which can be very dangerous for the magician. One of the things a magician who want voice contact with the entity, must be claimed at the beginning and teaching language skills or language to communicate properly and safely with the entity.

The prints should always be used, developed inks as the entity requires, and the accuracy of the stroke must be satisfied with what we now define as definitions according to topography (accuracy matter of form rather than the accuracy of the measurements), and like the rest of the magician utensils needed to prepare everything required.

Consecration of the vessels of the magician

The tools used by the magician should be enshrined , this implies several things:

  • They must be collected (when natural plants) or treated (knives, medallions, inks) on the dates governing entity, considered both annual and daily and hourly – time of day – which by the magician requires some knowledge also of astrology .
  • Before starting each act should be recited a prayer calling for the object or utensil translate them all virtues required.
  • The objects and utensils so prepared should never have another use than that for magic rituals.
  • Although not essential it is advisable to prepare the magician who all utensils and collect all objects used, to ensure the proper observance of other rules.

The magician’s oath

The magician when assisted by a teacher agrees to make a pledge and keep it. The magician is thus obliged to comply to the letter, and that otherwise he or attract ills blamed for its failure. As the magician becomes aware of reality in their practices, in turn making awareness of the need to fulfill his oath.

Each teacher can impose different rules or the same rules with slight differences, however always required the rule which states that the applicant never reveal clearly acquired knowledge on pain against his soul for eternity, nor shall disclose or per pupil, to any applicant who is not worthy. So the teacher promptly enough revelation of the highest secrets so that you can know whether or not the candidate is worthy. Many of the candidates who have been rejected in some state of knowledge are those who are able to practice witchcraft (if your wish), that is any magic limited knowledge.

The main difficulty of the knowledge of magic is that to make the first evocation where the magician or aspiring magician can evoke the desired entity and obtain their favors is precisely that required to know his name, and ritual evocation stroke and learn in depth the dangers they face and how to protect against them, under oath, implies that without any aspiring teacher would devote much of his life to solving these puzzles on your own, without a guide who will solve these first doubts.

Once a magician manages to successfully evoke an entity can claim the same skills required to advance and so on, always of course, exposed to the danger of delusion. Even then, the entity required to master adept without an oath not revelation .